Welcome to Flownrhythm!


Wassup people, my name is Nick and I am here to welcome you to Flownrhythm, a blog that is dedicated to the hip hop culture. Ranging from the musical artist to the fashion to the news to the culture, this blog will cover anything related to “hip hop”. Some of you might have been hoping for a blog like this to come out, while others are like “What’s the point?” or “Why’s this so important to some people?” Well I’ll hope to answer those questions throughout the blog.

As a kid I am glad to say that the first thing I probably ever fell in love with was hip hop. It kind of funny how that happened since my parents brought me up around jazz and r&b. I remember the first ever taste of hip hop I got was when my dad played his 2pac album “All Eyez on Me”. It immediately caught my interest the way that his poetic flow connected to the beat. I was automatically hooked.

Years passed and now I am attending Texas State University as a Mass Communication:Public Relations Major and a Minor in Media Studies, and my love for the culture has only grown stronger. I’ve grown a passion for hip hop studying different artists flows, basing i dress off its fashion, and giving a lot of my time to the music itself. I hope to connect to other hip hop nerds and addicts through this blog and maybe even get some of you people to start liking it.

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