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I had a good idea for an app. How many people love to recite songs throughout their day but whenever they try they cant remember the lyrics? Problem solved, with the app “Lyrics Central” you could just type in any song and then bam! you got the lyrics you wanted. All youd have to do is type in the artist and the name of the song then you got every lyric to any song.



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Nipsey Hussle Branching Out to “Fatburger”

The California rapper, Nipsey Hussle, decides to co-brand his Crenshaw collection of clothing with the famous Los Angeles fast food spot “Fatburger” logo. Hussle claims that he is just trying to represent the trademark of the company without getting in the way of the business.


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Oxymoron At Last!

The most anticipated album of probably the year (for now at least) is finally about to drop! Member of Top Dawg Entertainment (TDE) and Black Hippy, Schoolboy Q, has been talking about his album for quite some time now. I think since the end of last year he started to let it be known that he would be dropping an album but no one knew it was going to take this long. It has already been leaked on I Tunes and other websites since last weekend, but the official release date for the album, Oxymoron, is February 25th. Schoolboy Q has said in a lot of interviews that he feels that it will be a better album then Kendrick’s “Good kid m.A.A.d. city”; we will just have to find out then.


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