Hip-Hop To You?

I recently interviewed my friend what hip hop had meant to him. The responses he gave back were ones that I can truly relate to and understand as a hip hop head myself. I don’t have to know everything that is going on between all these rappers mixtapes and all the news. All that matters to me is the artist that I have grown to look up to and respect and the craft of the music. But still check out my friend’s interview lol.


Hip-Hop to you? (Youtube link)



Rappers React!

So recently the Los Angeles Clippers owner, Donald Sterling, had a phone conversation with his girlfriend that happened to leak which revealed his true colors as a racist against African American and Hispanics. Within the conversation him and his girlfriend are arguing about her bringing black people to games and he is not at all cool with that. Multiple rappers have been lashing out responding to this indecent. Meek Mill went to twitter calling him “The definition of Racism”, Snoop Dogg released a video expressing his feelings cussing out Sterling, and LA’s own rapper, Game, shared a message on Instagram expressing his feelings about the whole situation as well along with talking about his boycott program he is starting up to get the next Clippers game boycotted. I myself am upset at this as well and believe that Sterling should be punished for his actions, but the NBA has not responded to what they are going to do. I attached all of the responses below and the audio of Sterling as well so you can see for yourself if you haven’t already.

Game’s Response

Donald Sterling’s Conversation

Snoop’s Video

Meeks Responses